Warrior 2.0 App Download

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Hello to all!

If you have a chance today, please select from one of the options below to download our Warrior 2.0 App.

PLEASE PICK ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS (If you qualify for two of them, just pick one for now please) THIS APP IS 100% free... you will see at checkout a 100% discount has been applied... your card will never get charged, it's just the way the system works.

For Adult Male Students:https://www.trainerize.me/profile/me360/?planGUID=19a17eeade394c3097be94b3511add58&code=SPARK&mode=checkout

For Adult Female Students:https://www.trainerize.me/profile/me360/?planGUID=c3cc527186494bbc9da2ffe50db1bcab&code=SPARK&mode=checkout

For Parents with Kids in our GB Programhttps://www.trainerize.me/profile/me360/?planGUID=1eaa39c7677a40a8b79e2b0caddbe379&code=SPARK&mode=checkout

Once you have the app downloaded and you can get inside, THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO FOR NOW!  
WE ARE DELAYING THE ONBOARDING WEEK TO 8/7 to allow those that have not been able to download the app yet.

In the previous text, I went into greater details as to how this app is going to help us accomplish MANY things:
1) More frequent communication and content for you. (technique videos, parenting resources, etc.)
2) A new rewards-based program that will allow you to earn credit towards tuition, GB Wear and other services based on your level of participation in our programs!
3) Access to a our Warrior2.0 and Warrior Academy programming
4) And much more!