• About

    The BarraFit program fuses elements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self-Defense and Mixed Martial Arts into a dynamic whole body workout.


    Build strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility and much more while you learn to defend yourself and have a fun time doing it!


    Our workouts also utilize Myzone technology, which tracks and displays your heart-rate on a monitor so that you and our instructors have immediate bio-feedback to maximize your workouts as much as possible!

  • Classes

    Our Dynamic line-up of Classes

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    Fitness Kickboxing

    The BarraFit COMBAT class mixes traditional Kickboxing with a heart-pumping interval exercise routine. Kick, Punch and Knee your way through an exhilarating 45 minutes of energy, flow and power. Get measurable results by incorporating MyZone technology that enables both you and our instructors to get real-time biometric feedback in order to maximize your workouts.

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    Joint Mobility, Flexibility and Core Strength

    The BarraFit FLEX class is centered around a slower and more methodical approach to movement, including core control, enhanced joint mobility and flexibility. Our class incorporates evidence-based methods and pulls from such methods like yoga, pilates and functional range conditioning.

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    Personal Training


    The BarraFit STRENGTH program is personal training on-demand. This unique format allows you to train on your time, with a personal trainer waiting to take you through a whole-body strength training routine tailored to your goals. Utilize tools like kettlebells, bands, dumb-bells battle ropes and more as you discover just how strong you really are!