September 2023 News and Updates

Hello to all! I hope you're doing as well as possible! We have A TON of updates for you! We will also do our best to keep updating you in person as to all the updates and changes! Below is a quick overview with more specifics as you scroll down:

1) New Fall Schedules Start Monday 9/18

2) BarraFit classes launching

3) Register for the official Gracie Barra Competition Team

4) Register for the Launch of our "Warrior Academy" program for kids (and their parents)

5) Register for a Free Warrior2.0 (Fitness, Nutrition, Habits Coaching) custom program setup

6) Gracie Barra Newtown BBQ

7) Price Adjustment

1) New Fall Schedules Start Monday 9/18

We are excited to announce our Fall 2023 Schedule starting Monday 9/18. With that, comes some brand-new programming like BarraFit Classes, Competition Classes and the new Warrior Academy! As a note, for some of our BarraFit classes, you will see "TBD" this is because we are finalizing some new staffing, but know we have designated that time for one of our Strength, Personal Training On-Demand, Fitness-Kickboxing, or Yoga and Core classes.

NORTH PRINCETON (4437 Route 27)

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PRINCETON (150 Lawrenceville Pennington Road)

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NEWTOWN (105 Terry Drive)

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2)  BarraFit classes launching

You may have noticed some new equipment showing up at the academies. This is in preparation for our BarraFit launch!  The BarraFit program fuses elements of Self-Defense and Mixed Martial Arts into dynamic whole body workouts. Build strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility and much more in a fun and fast-paced environment! These classes will be provided at no extra cost for our current members.

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3)   Register for the official Gracie Barra Competition Team

We are so excited to officially announce the launch of the Gracie Barra Competition Team along with new classes and programming. Please click this link to learn more and register!   

5) Register for a FREE Warrior2.0 custom program setup

Click here to schedule a free 1 on 1 meeting with myself to get you setup in Warrior2.0 and maximize all the resources now available to you! You can watch the quick overview below to learn more as well.


6) Gracie Barra Newtown BBQ THIS SATURDAY 9/16

Join us for a fall BBQ Potluck in Newtown, PA. All members from all schools are welcome!!

7) Price Adjustment

We are updating our pricing in order to continue providing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness and Wellness services. Tuition will increase across the board by 4%, resulting in an average increase of about $6 per person. We always strive to bring our members as much value as possible, but there are some realities like inflation we cannot ignore. This adjustment will be reflected on your next tuition payment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you.