Academy 2.0 Initiative

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Hello to All! I hope you are doing as well as possible.

We are so excited to announce our Academy 2.0 Initiative. This initiative will bring new programs and services to all 3 Gracie Barra Academies over the next few months. During my launch announcement, I went into great detail as to some of the specific programs we are launching and why. One of the things I am most excited about is our new Advisory Council made up of local licensed, clinical, certified experts in health, education and leadership. They have been working with us behind the scenes to develop these new programs and redefine the role a brazilian jiu jitsu community can play in our family's lives.

But before we dig into everything, the most important goal we have is to get EVERYONE onto our new Warrior2.0 app.

I explain a little more in the video, but simply put, this app is going to help us accomplish MANY things:
1) More frequent communication and content for you.
2) A new rewards-based program that will allow you to earn credit towards tuition, GB Wear and other services based on your level of participation in our programs!
3) Access to a our Warrior2.0 and Warrior Academy programming
4) And much more!

So here is THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE to this message. Please watch this quick video


For Adult Male Students:
For Adult Femal Students:
For Parents with Kids in our GB Program:

Once you have the app downloaded and you can get inside, THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO FOR NOW! I will follow-up with you inside the app!