• Introducing the Gracie Barra Defensive Tactics Certification Program

    Gracie Barra Princeton is excited to announce the launch of our Defensive Tactics Certification Program (DTC). We have developed three courses specifically for sworn Law Enforcement Officers, Corrections Officers, Military Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies. The purpose of these classes is to teach effective and efficient techniques that can be utilized to arrest, detain or apprehend combative subjects in conjunction with de-escalation techniques all while maintaining the highest regard for the sanctity of life.


    These courses have been designed in collaboration between high level, gracie barra black-belt jiu-jitsu practitioners and a current police lieutenant with over 20 years’ experience in Law Enforcement and over 10 years’ experience as a Defensive Tactics Program Manager (CALEA Accredited Academy and Agency). This collaboration resulted in the development of training that is specific to Law Enforcement with an understanding of liability, legal limitations, 4th Amendment responsibility and documentation. Every course will have a block of instruction on understanding Use of Force case law, proper documentation and proper court testimony to assist with liability and risk management.


    * We also modify the class to follow your agency's use of force continuum and terminology

    ** We also tailor and modify training for any plainclothes assignments


    The courses are:

    • Level 1 LEO Control Tactics- (8 hour class) Introduction to takedown defense, handcuffing techniques, active counter-measures and basic ground defense.

    • Level 2 LEO Control Tactics - (24 hour class over 3 days) The basics learned in Level 1 are reviewed and introduces advanced weapon retention and scenario based force on force training on the third day to include de-escalation scenarios.

    • Train the Trainer- (40 hour class over 5 days. This class is to certify existing Defensive Tactics Instructors to teach ground defense, control tactics to the standards of Gracie Barra Princeton so they can train members of your agency. This would include a free monthly refresher training for the officer.

    While we have our own facilities we would be willing to travel to your agency if that were a necessity. Each class is structured with lesson plans, regular safety checks and a certificate of completion at the end. We do ask the officers complete the class wearing BDU’s, issued gun belt and issued vest and sneakers- live ammunition, live OC and firearms are PROHIBITED.

  • Defensive Tactics Level 1

    An Overview of our Introductory Course

  • Upcoming Training CourseS

    or email info@gbprinceton.com if you want to host a course

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  • The Launch of the Gracie Barra Defensive Tactics Certification Program

    Learn more about how we're providing programs to better protect Law Enforcement Officers and the Communities they serve.

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