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Week of 11/30/2020

1) Kids are 100% virtual this week.

All In-person Kids classes are cancelled this week and we will move to a full remote schedule starting today (11/30/2020) We will re-valuate at the end of the week if we can re-start in-person next week. The virtual schedule is as follows. The link to join class is:

Kids Gym Class - Tuesday and Thursday @4pm

Kids BJJ - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday @5p

Family Jiu-Jitsu (all ages) Saturday @10am

2)Adults are moving to a Private Pod Training Schedule Temporarily.

3) Personal Training on-demand, Wrestling, and sunday Kickboxing are all still on. (Non-Contact)

4) all Adult Virtual classes are still on

We will be moving to private pod classes/training. This means when you show up to class at your designated time, it will only be you, your podmates and the instructor/assistant instructor. All Safety protocols will remain in effect. Below are the list of current pods. If you are not sure which pod you are in, please contact coach Mike (for GB Princeton - text is 646-229-2182) or coach Wojtek (for GB North Princeton - text 609-500-9816) to confirm or to be assigned a pod. If you typically go to noon classes, that will become it's own pod for now. If you want to be in the noon pod, then let us know! Here they are for each school. If it's just you and your family members in a pod, please contact me and I will assign you a pod that you can attend with, but continue to train within your family group. If you have ANY questions, please reach out to coach Mike.

GB Princeton Pods:

(Nicknames are optional :)

The Clydesdales (Andre Pollack)

The Coaches Corner (Professor Turtle)

The Femme Fatales (Lisa Sullivan)

The Poland Springs (Felix Miranda)

Noon Only Pod

GB Princeton Pod Schedule for Week of 11/30:


11/30 - 5pm (Pollack)

6pm (Sullivan)
7pm (Miranda)

8pm (Turtle)


12/1 - (Noon only Pod)

5pm (Turtle)

6pm (Pollack)
7pm (Sullivan)

8pm (Miranda)


12/2 - 5pm (Miranda)

6pm (Turtle)
7pm (Pollack)

8pm (Sullivan)

12/3 - (Noon only pod)

5pm (Sullivan)

6pm (Miranda)
7pm (Turtle)

8pm (Pollack)

12/5 - 10am (Pollack)
11am (Turtle)



The Bear's Den (Coach Wojtek)

Star Wars 4ever (Coach Starla)

Asado (Coach Martin)

Arm-Bars Optional (Justin Bannon)

Noon Only Pod

GB North Princeton Pod Schedule for the week of 11/30:


11/30 - (Noon Only Pod)

5pm (Starla)

6pm (Martin)
7pm (Justin)

8pm (Wojtek)


12/1 - 5pm (Wojtek)

6pm (Starla)

7pm (Martin)

8pm (Justin)


12/2 - (Noon Only Pod)

5pm (Justin)

6pm (Wojtek)

7pm (Starla)

8pm (Martin)


12/3 - 5pm (Martin)

6pm (Justin)

7pm (Wojtek)

8pm (Starla)


12/4 - 9am (Starla)

10am (Wojtek)

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