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We need your Help!

Hey Everyone! This is coach Mike, I hope all is well! Just like every other small business in NJ and around the country, we've been knocked down pretty hard and are trying to pick ourselves back up.

For all of you that have continued to stick with us during this time, you have literally saved us from having to shut our doors. We cannot thank you enough!! 🙏👊🖐🥰

But what has become abundantly clear, is that even though we've been able to reopen our doors, there has not been the rebound that we were hoping for. Understandably so... people are still very unsure of what to do, and have legitimate health concerns. The problem is, we cannot operate at these levels forever, we have to start bringing our frozen students back AND bringing in new potential students.

People are scared, I understand this completely, which is why we've added all these new membership packages and options for 100% full remote to hybrid to in-person, and at lower cost.

But, we need your help in spreading the word about our re-opening and new services. Your word of mouth and your testimonials about how Gracie Barra has impacted you and/or your family in a positive way is the most effective way for us to bring new students in.... either remotely or through our hybrid packages.

If you have the time and are willing to do so, we would REALLY appreciate you sharing our offer below.

If you don't have FB, feel free to just share our site and share this amazing offer with your friends and family, (and if you're up to it, add a little note on how or why we've made a positive impact in your life)

You'll see these are all the same rates we're offering to you... and please, if you know of someone that is interested, keep note of their name and let us know...

If you have any questions or have difficulty finding the offer, please let me know, thanks!

- Coach Mike

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