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Thanksgiving and Holiday Updates

Hello to all!!  I hope you are doing well as humanly possible.  LOTS of exciting news to share as we wind down on 2021... 

1)  Our schedule for this week is as follows:   BOTH Schools will be closed for Thanksgiving.  Aside from that, we will have a regular schedule for the whole week of 11/22 through 11/28.

2)  Wednesday November 24th.  4th Degree Black Belt, Professor Ulpiano Malachias will be in town to teach a very special Adult Gi Seminar at GB NORTH PRINCETON at 7:30pm.  YOU CANNOT MISS THIS!!  We will be shutting down GB Princeton after all our kids classes that day and will be heading over to North Princeton for a joint class.  That means THERE IS NO ADULT GI CLASS AT GB PRINCETON ON WEDNESDAY 11/24.

3)  We will be running a joint-school Open Mat on Thanskgiving morning at GB NORTH PRINCETON at 10am (In the Gi)  

4)  This week will also be taking orders for anyone wanting to make some Holiday purchases from GB WEAR!  Take a look at what's on and then fill out your order below where you get an extra 10% off and free shipping.  We are asking that everyone puts their order in by the end of day Sunday 11/28.   Additionally, we are starting a Gi Trade-in program.  We are in desperate need of Gis to provide as loaners to prospective students.  If you have one you are no longer using, please feel free to bring it in if you want to.  We are givng $20 GB Wear Credit for Kids Gis and $35 GB Wear Credit for Adults Gis.  

You can order here through your respective school:

5)  We are SUPER excited to announce that we are running a very special wrestling camp with some elite-level grapplers and coaches.  Reece Humphrey (2x Veteran World Champion, 3x USA  World Team Member and USA Wrestling Coach of the Year) along with CJ Brucki (2x US Open All-American) will be running an all levels wrestling camp on Sunday December 5th from 12pm to 2pm at GB North Princeton.  This is open to all levels and anyone in High School and above.  If you or someone in your family wrestles or you just want to improve your stand-up game in Jiu Jitsu, this event is a MUST!  This event is open to the public and has a $20 fee to attend.  You MUST register though as there are limited spots available and the event will sell out.  go to to register.  

6)  Save the date for Friday 12/10/2021 as we will be having a joint school holiday party at GB North Princeton.  Not only that, but if your little one (and the big boys and girls too if you want :) ) is into NERF, we will be having a NERF battle on Mat 2!  We will be releasing more information soon along with a potluck to fill out if you're interested in celebrating with us!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to myself or one of the coaches.  You can always reach me by texting me on my personal cell phone 646-229-2182

-  Coach Mike Leonardi 

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