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Switching to Hybrid and Virtual Schedule for week of 12/13

Hey Everyone, I hope you are doing as well as possible.  As I'm sure you've been reading my updates, we have multiple positive covid cases at North Princeton and decided over the weekend to close the school for Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Additionally, the GBP coaching staff was potentially exposed at the Holiday party and now we all have to get tested, so we decided to initially close GB Princeton for Monday and Tuesday.

After contact tracing, weighing our options and discussing as a team,  we are making the decision to switch to a FULL VIRTUAL SCHEDULE for GB North Princeton for this week.  The reason being is that a)  we do not have enough coaches and b) after all our contact tracing, we have discovered that saturday was a potential exposure event which would make reopening on wednesday or thursday too early.   That being said, we will be transitioning to virtual classes starting today!!  Coach Wojtek will be back next week.  Please read below for details on our virtual training schedule. 

As for Gracie Barra Princeton,  we will BE OPEN for Adult Students on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm for GB1 and Open Mat with these qualifiying criteria

IF you are a student at GB Princeton AND did not attend the Holiday Party or Coach John's fight in Atlantic City, you are free to come in to GB Princeton for classes or open mat those evenings.  Professor Turtle will be teaching via zoom and we will have senior students there as proctors to help with the techniques once they are shown.  If you have 1 stripe or higher, you may stay afterwards for positional and/or live training. 

Here is our Virtual and Live Training Schedule for the week (if you don't have someone in your household to train with, we will have solo drills):



5pm:  Kids Fun and Games (tell your little ones to bring something for "show and tell" if they want) No uniform necessary

7pm:  Adult "Tape Room" with Professor Turtle.  This will be run by Professor Turtle as we watch some of his old matches and other high profile matches and he will be breaking them down going over technique, etc. and answering questions. 

8pm:  LIVE Open Mat for GBP Adult Students 


5pm:  Kids BJJ Class (all levels)  Please have them wear their uniforms

7pm:  Adult GB1 Class (Fundamentals)

8pm:  LIVE Open Mat for GBP Adult Students


5pm:  Kids BJJ Class (all levels)  Please have them wear their uniforms

7pm:  Adult GB1 Class (Fundamentals)

8pm:  LIVE Open Mat for GBP Adult Students


5pm:  Kids BJJ Class (all levels)  NO GI

7pm:  Adult GB1 Class NO GI

8pm:  LIVE Open Mat for GBP Adult Students


I will give you updates on Friday to see if we go back to full in-person classes or have one more day of virtual classes.   IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR ARE CONFUSED BY MY ATTEMPT TO BE COHERENT, PLEASE TEXT ME AT 646-229-2182!  Thank You!


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