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Summer SChedule and BarraFit Launch!

Exciting News!  Our Summer Schedule starts Monday June 14th!  

With that brings the official launch of our BarraFit program at both locations, and the opening of a second mat at GB North Princeton!!   We will look to add even more BarraFit classes as the year progresses.  

As part of our GRAND REOPENING, all our classes, including all the new BarraFit classes are FREE for any friends and family of yours... so please feel free to bring whoever you want with you or just send them the link!  All you need to do is share this link with them to book their class

And as alwasy, if anyone you refer ends up enrolling you get a free month!!

As a quick note, if anyone wants to join me tomorrow (sunday) morning at 9am at GB Princeton, I am running a special preview class for our Fitness Kickboxing (COMBAT) class.

If you have any questions... as alwasy, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Also, please look very closely at the schedule to make sure you are aware of any of the changes. 

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