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Spring Schedule starts March 1st, Kids Classes Expanded, Launching "Re-TRIAL" Promotion and modifying pod/BUddy System

Spring Schedule Starts March 1st

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our kid's classes and have added some new classes to the schedule. As we continue to see an uptick in returning students and new students, we will add more classes back to the schedule. As a quick note, we have replaced our "Gym" class with the Little Champions 1 class at GB Princeton (and the time has moved from 4 to 4:15) Personal Training on Demand is still the same, it's just been renamed under the BarraFit Performance brand. Same for Kickboxing/BarraFit Combat)

Launching our "Re-Trial" Promotion for all Frozen and Past Members

As we continue to trend in the right direction with COVID, we have seen an uptick in students wanting to reconnect with our community. There is still some hesitancy, so we are offering frozen or past members to come in for a "re-trial" of as many classes as you need to in order to decide if you are ready to unfreeze or re-enroll as a member. If you want to discuss with me all the continued safety protocols in place, the new services we offer as well as setting up a time to try a class again, please text me directly on my personal cell phone at 646-229-2182.

We are modifying our pod/buddy system

Starting on March 1st, we will reintroduce our "general pod" back into each school. What this means is:

  • Students (Adults and Kids) can now opt out of their current Pod or Buddy System and enter into the general student pod.  This means you will be partnered up each class with anyone else who has chosen this option.   We will continue to use other criteria (experience, gender, size, etc.)
  • Students can opt to stay in their current Pod or Buddy System and nothing will change.
  • Students can opt to say as a 100% remote student.  We will continue to live stream our core classes (GB Kids and GB1)
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