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***** Social-Emotional Learning Homework Assignments

Due Wednesday, May 13th

With a piece of string, make a timeline with 3 different points in time. Each point can either be a drawing or picture.

Due Wednesday, May 6th

Please bring a baby picture (or one that is at least 3 years old) to class today.

Due Wednesday, April 29th

Document any decisions you made the past week that helped someone else. As an example, maybe you decided to put your dish in the sink on your own so that your mom or dad did not have to do it later. Be prepared to share a few of these examples with the class.

Due WednesdaY, April 22nd

Make a link for each person in your family and then a link that connects it all together has all the things we can think of that connects us, like love, trust, respect, etc.

Due Wednesday, April 15th

Draw your family crest. This can be anything that you think defines your family. Where you came from, what you like to do together and any ideals.

Due Wednesday, April 8th

SEL Work for the Week

Look up the meaning of your name.

Draw a picture that represents your name with 3 words that describe yourself.

Think of a person, a place and a thing that are very important to you. Write out why each is special to you and share this in our time next week.


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