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***** GB Princeton/North Princeton Important links, logins and Bookings (updated 9/23/2020)

Hello to All!! Here is all the most important information needed to access virtual classes, waiver forms, appointment bookings and more.

New Waiver Form (must be Filled out before returning)

GB PRinceton Fall 2020 Schedule

GB North Princeton Fall 2020 Schedule

To book for Personal Training Classes or Kids/Adults BJJ Classes

The personal training on-demand program is available to all active members as well as all our in-person classes. As of right now, we are requiring that you book a spot for personal training (any time on M, W and F between 6am to 9am)

To book a personal training session or book for Kids/Adult BJJ at GB Princeton, click here:

To book for Kids/Adult BJJ at GB North Princeton, click here:

As of right now, there is no need to book for any other in-person classes like Kickboxing, just show up (with gloves)

get setup for virtual classes

We use gotomeeting for every class EXCEPT YOGA

YOGA is on zoom at 7pm on Wednesdays. To access the class directly, download zoom first and then click here to enter the room:

For all other afternoon and weekend classes use gotomeeting and the instructions below:

For Laptops or Desktops: click this link to download the app: Our meeting ID# is 276-785-205 (which is another way to join)

Another way to join, if you already have it downloaded is to click this link:

For Mobile Devices: Go to your App store on your phone and search for gotomeeting Download the app and then click on this link to join:

Instructions for when you join the room: It will ask you to enter your name. PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME OR ELSE YOU WON'T BE ALLOWED TO STAY. We need to know exactly who is in the room for attendance and in order to interact with you. If we don't know who it is, that person will be removed from the virtual room.

Please mute your mic when entering the room. If you choose to activate your webcam (which we hope... we'd like to see you!) it may give you the option on which screens to view. Select "view who's talking." as opposed to "All Screens." From there, you should be able to see us and interact. We will call to you when we see you enter... to respond, please just un-mute your device. Once we're connected, the coaches will walk you through any other instructions.

Recommendations for best use: A Laptop or Mobile Device is probably the most flexible device so you can easily move it to fit your surroundings. You should ensure you have an adequate and safe surrounding so that you do not fall into or hit anything and hurt yourself or damage your property. We recommend a minimum of 10x10 feet of free space to move around, especially if you have a partner with you. It helps if your WIFI is being used minimally during class. If someone is watching Netflix or some other live-streaming app/video/game, it will slow down your connection

Obviously, it would be nice to have padding in your spcace, whether it's carpeting or something else. I would recommend (if possible) to order puzzle piece gym mats on Amazon, or search for local stores (I know 5 below in the nassau shopping plaza has them) Here is a link to some mats:

If the weather is appropriate and you have the space, you may even consider going outside to train. If you can, we encourage you to have a training partner.

For parents of kids, it would be great to do the techniques with them and serve as their "Uke" (the partner that receives the technique) But if you cannot, we will also have drills that the kids can do on their own to learn the technique and/or relevant movement. For adults, we suggest the same thing... if you have someone that can work with you... fantastic, if not, no worries, we will have solo drills for you during the time we're practicing the technique.

You can be in your Gi or not... we will show the techniques and variations for both during each class. There will not be any dedicated Gi or No Gi classes on the virtual schedule.

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