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***** New Point System information

Hello to all!

I'm excited to announce our new point system! The point system is a way to thank you, incentivize you, and help keep you in a rhythm and routine during these trying times. You can earn up to $40 each month that can be used directly towards lowering your tuition or discounting purchases on GB apparel. Here's how it works!

Different Ways to Earn Points:

There are 3 categories on how you can earn points, which are listed above. Either Showing up to our Live and Interactive classes through Gotomeeting, completing any of our weekly home workouts/programs with Activcore, GBonline and Professor Matakas, or completing our Challenges of the Day. Each workout counts for the number of points listed, so if you do 3 live workouts for the week, that's 9 (3 x 3 points each) total points for the week.

How to Earn Points

For Live, Interactive Classes: All you have to do is show up to class on Gotomeeting. Coach Martin will check attendance at the beginning of class and you're all set!

For Home workouts or Programs: After you've finished your workout or program, take a picture of you with the video screen in the background and post it to your IG or FB page. You must tag the school AND coach Martin Guglielmetti (He is our Point Keeper!) Make sure to friend him on FB or connect with him on IG (his IG is: tinchog75) If you don't have either FB or IG, you can email him the picture to

For Challenge of the Day: These will be posted on our public Facebook and IG pages. The easiest way is to respond to the FB post directly in the thread and add your picture (of whatever the challenge is that day) If you only have IG, then you can post in IG and tag us and coach Martin. If you have neither, just email us the picture and tell us which challenge it is for.

Program Rules:


  • 1 point equals $1 of credit towards tuition or apparel (you decide)
  • You can earn up to 6 points per day
  • You can earn up to 10 points per week
  • Challenge of the Day has to be sent in on the same day the challenge is issued
  • 4 consecutive weeks maxing out at 10 points earns you a FREE GB t-shirt
  • tuition credit can be applied to the following month's tuition.
  • Only applies to current and active students
  • To get credit, must participate in full class
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