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Oct/Nov Updates

Hello to all!!  I hope you are doing as well as can be!  I have a bunch of updates and info!

Updates and News

  1. Coach Kim-Lien Kendall will be teaching a special Yoga class at GB North Princeton THIS SATURDAY 10/23 at 12 noon.  Students, Friends and Family are welcome.  Coach Kim is a purple belt out of NYC and 20 year health and wellness veteran.  It's honestly the best Yoga class I've ever taken, come try it!
  2. Please mark your calendar for Saturday November 13th.  We will be celebrating our 4 year (GB Princeton) and 3 year (GB North Princeton) anniversaries with a joint class at GB NORTH PRINCETON with special guest instructors to be named shortly.  ALL CLASSES AT GB PRINCETON WILL BE CANCELED THAT DAY.
  3. Periodically we ask all our members to fill out this very short 1 minute survey.  It is very helpful for us in many ways.  You can fill it out here (Anonymously)  
  1. It is important that we all keep to our uniform policy.  Especially for No-Gi days.  At the very minimum every student should have a GB Rash Guard or GB T-shirt when training No-Gi.  If you do not have one you can order them at or see coach Kris or coach Mike at the front desk to order one.  

  1. A new policy that we will begin to enforce is that every student should have some form of footwear (flip-flops, sliders etc.) to wear off the mat.  We do our best to keep the schools as clean as possible (we clean the school every evening after classes, including disinfecting the mats) but there should not be bare feet touching our floors if they plan on stepping back on the mats.  The floors have bacteria and other germs that get tracked onto the mats when we walk around bare foot.  Additionally, If you have untreated athlete's foot and come onto the mats that can create rashes like ring-worm and other skin infections.  It's also important to wash your uniforms after every class and practice good hygiene. 
  2. I want to reiterate the importance of monitoring yourself and your children for any cold/flu-like symptoms.  Now more than ever...  we ask that you take into consideration the ramifications if you come into the academy with some cold/flu/virus, etc.   If you're not sure if it's a cold or allergies... please stay home and wait a few days.  
  3. As the schools grow, it gets harder and harded to get to meet and talk with all the students and parents.  I would love to connect and get to know you a little more... please feel free to schedule a time to zoom with me to connect.  I'd love to learn more about you and help in any way I can.  here is the link:  

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