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November News and UPdates

Hello to All!

This is coach Mike Leonardi, I hope you are doing as well as possible! I have lots of really important news and updates to share with you!

1) Kids Wear their costume to class on Saturday 10/29 - We are super excited to see all our little ones in their costumes this Saturday 10/29 at the regular time of 9:15am (ages 3-6) and 10am (ages 7+) class. We will be playing some extra games and activities!

2) No Kids Class on Monday 10/31 (Adult Schedule is the same) - There will be no 4:15pm and no 5pm class on Halloween (Monday 10/31) However, we will still have our 6pm Kickboxing and 7pm GB1 class

3) Grand Opening/Anniversary Seminar has been Moved from Saturday 11/5 to Saturday 11/12 - The mats are enroute and are expected to be delivered sometime mid next week. That being said, it's simply too close to our expected grand opening date in newtown and we are not sure they will get here on time, so we have moved our grand opening from 11/5 to 11/12.

4)  Grand Opening Details for 11/12 - We are hoping that everyone can join us for this very special occassion. We are closing down Gracie Barra Princeton and North Princeton for the day so that we can all come together for this event. We have also invited all our brothers and sisters from RABJJ Robinsville to join us. We plan to have a couple surprises in store... Here is the agenda ALL CLASSES at GB PRINCETON WILL BE CANCELLED ON 11/12, PLEASE JOIN US AT GB NEWTOWN TO CELEBRATE OUR 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY GBNP's 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and GB NEWTOWN'S GRAND OPENING. The Address is 105 Terry Drive, Suite 117, Newtown, PA 18940. It is only 15 minutes from GB Princeton.

a) 9:30am - Kids (all ages) Class (Gi)

b) 10:30am - Grand Opening Ceremony with Ribbon Cutting

c) 11:00am - Adult Jiu Jitus Seminar (In the Gi)

All the classes and seminars for this day will be in the Gi.

5)  Reece Humphrey Takedown/Wrestling Seminar Wednesday 11/2 at GB PRINCETONG - Reece Humphrey will be back again for a BJJ Takedown/Wrestling Seminar at 7pm on Wednesday 11/2! There will be no GB2 class that night at 6pm, and instead we will do a GB1 class at 6pm for those that don't want to attend the seminar. The cost for this Seminar will be $20 and it will go from 7pm to 8:30pm. In case you are wondering what is Reece's pedigree, he is Corey Anderson's Wrestling coach when he is in training camp. Reece is a USA wrestling coach and the head coach for the USA Regional Training Center in NJ. He was also a 2x All-American NCAA Division Wrestler at Ohio State, having placed 2nd and 3rd at the National Wrestling Championships in 2009 and 2010. He is also 3x USA Open Champion and 3X World Veteran Champion. If you want to contiue working on your stand-up game, this class is an absolute can't miss! If you want to simply attend, just show up and we can debit your account or take cash. High School and up are welcome! This will be NO GI attire.


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