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North Princeton Winter 2022 Schedule

Hello to All!

Effective today, we have a new schedule at GB North Princeton.  Please look very carefully at the schedule for changes, but the biggest items are the following:

1)  We have added a couple of Adult Advanced (GB2) classes to the schedule.  Please also note though that Mondays are now a Gi day... no longer NO GI... AND we have swapped GB1 and GB2 times.

2)  Additionally, we have removed NO GI from our Kids basic classes.  We will start our children learning NO GI at the advanced level.  

3)  We have added two "Premium" classes to our schedule.  These are specialty classes that are not Jiu Jitsu and require additional cost.  Every student is able to trial a class for free to see if they like it.   

A)  The first is an Adult Wrestling class run by Reece Humphreys, who was USA Wrestling coach of the Year and currently runs the New Jersey regional training center for USA Wrestling.   We are truly excited to bring an elite-level coach to the facility.  Outside participants can buy a pack of 10 classes for $250.  GB Students and Family members get 20% off (10 classes for $200).  This class will run on Wednesdays at 7:30.  You can use those 10 classes whenever you want to attend and can of course replenish when done. 

B) The second is a kids tumbling and strength training class.  Initially this class will be for  ~6 years and older, although we will probably create a younger class (age 3-6) if people are interested.  This class costs $200 for a pack of 10 classes for outsiders and $150 for a pack of 10 for GB Students and/or family members.   This class will be taught by Amanda Pinizzotto (current student and GB parent) who has 10 years of training and coaching experience.   The strength training element of this class will primarily focus on developing agility, balance and core strength to ultimately build up a child's ability to perform tumbling techniques.  Basic tumbling techinque will include directional rolls, handstands, cartwheels and eventually can lead to walkovers, handsprings and flips.    This class will initially be held every other Wednesday at 6pm starting this Wednesday 1/12/2022.  Just like Wrestling, all students can take a trial class.

Please look over the schedule to make sure you are aware of any new times and/or classes.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Thank You!


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