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Hello to all!

We have LOTS of news and events to share with you so please read as it affects some class times!

1) I will be placing a large GB Wear order this Friday 2/7.

In an attempt to make it easier to place orders with us for GB Wear, I have created these links. I know it has not been the easiest, so please accept my apologies.
I'm always looking to improve the process, so any feedback is most appreciated.
As a reminder, if you order through the school, you get free shipping and 10% off whatever the price is on GB Wear. The downside is that I only order 1x per month so it may take awhile to get. You can also always order directly from GB wear at
Here are the order forms for each school... just pick out what you want from GB Wear and fill out the form:
2) Professor Ricardo Almeida will be teaching a special No-Gi class on Thursday February 13th at 7:30pm at GB Princeton (150 Lawrenceville Pennington Road). There is NO 7pm basic or 8pm advanced... only one class at 7:30 with Professor Ricardo. All are welcome, It's going to be awesome.

3) Monday February 17th, Professor Dante Rivera will be teaching our 7:30pm class at GB Princeton (150 Lawrenceville Pennington Road). It is a regular schedule. Professor Dante is a black belt under Professor Ricardo and retired MMA fighter having fought in the UFC, Bellator and other leagues. All are welcome

4) We have partnered with Activcore Physical Therapy and Performance to join our GB360 Wellness program. They are joining coach Joe Villegas who handles our Nutrition and Exercise Programming and Amy Vestal who is handling our mental health coaching. As a result, Activcore will be coming into the schools on February 18th and 19th to do evaluations for anyone with lingering musculo-skeletal ailments. They will be at GB Princeton on Tuesday, 2/18 from 7pm to 9pm and at GB NORTH Princeton on Wednesday, 2/19 from 6pm to 8pm. To start, we will have 20 minute slots you can sign-up for. Their goal is to listen, take you through an evaluation and give you self-care guidance to help try and resolve any ailments discussed and explored. If you want to schedule for a time-slot please email me at For more info on Activcore, you can go to

5)  We're going to be giving out some buddy passes throughout the month so you will get a text from one of our remote staff members to see if you think anyone of your friends might want to come in and try Gracie Barra.  On top of that, we are again going to run a 6-week Self-Defense Introductory Program.  This could be a good starting point for them.  If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out.  My personal cell is 646-229-2182.

Updated GB North Princeton SChedule

Updated GB PRinceton SChedule

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