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News and EVents 2/24/2020

Hello to ALL!! I hope everyone is having an enjoyable week so far. If you're not, please know that I am here to talk if you need someone to talk to. In fact, that is what the message of the week is. Please watch the video above... it's my "ask" of you this week.

We have lots of exciting stuff coming down the pipeline starting tonight!

Wednesday 2/26/2020

Dr. Adrienne Jensen from Activcore will be at GB North Princeton tonight from 6pm to 8pm. If you already have reserved a spot, and need to change, PLEASE LET US KNOW IMMEDIATELY, there is already a wait-list. If you have not gotten a spot, we will have them back very soon!

Additionally, coach Daisy from Paragon will be holding her open office hours tonight 2/26/2020 in North Princeton from 6:30pm - 7:30pm. She is there to sit and talk with you about Nutrition, answer questions and even write up meal plans for you. If you have ANY questions, take advantage of these great resources!

Thursday 2/27/2020

Coach Joe Villegas from Paragon will be at GB Princeton from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. He is there to sit and talk with you about Nutrition, answer questions and even write up meal plans for you. He can also write up any strength and conditioning programs you would like try.

Friday 2/28/2020

Don't forget we now have kids wrestling practice from 5-6pm at GB Princeton taught by coach John Giusti, followed by Adult Wrestling at 6pm and open mat @ 6:30pm. GB North Princeton has kickboxing at 5:30 taught by coach John Wilpert and open mat @6:30pm

Saturday 2/29/2020

For anyone that has aspirations of joining the GB Team as an Assistant Instructor, Instructor, Program Director, and eventually even a Head Instructor, you are invited to join the staff @1pm on Saturday 2/29/2020 at GB Princeton. please email me first though to confirm @

Sunday 3/1/2020

We are running a free Women's Self Defense seminar at the MAX Challenge, owned by our friend, parent and student, Dinesh Ramchandani at 9am on Sunday, March 1st, 2020 at his South Brunswick location. If anyone is interested in assisting us that day, please let coach Wojtek know ASAP. Here is more information on the event.

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