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News and events 1/6/2020

Hey Everyone! Hopefully we're getting back into the swing of things post Holiday season. I hope to see you on the mats this week! Here's a quick video on what we're talking about with the kids and adults this week.

Additionally, I want to let Adults know that we have a special sale right now on the Adidas GB3 Gi. It retails for $219 and we've got them for $119! I only have A2s and A3s left, so if you're interested, let the front desk know ASAP!

I am currently looking for a Part-Time or Full-Time Program Director for Lawrenceville. If you or someone you know might be interested, please feel free to email me at or let the front desk know. We are also always looking for new Assistant Instructors. So if you have any interest in joining the staff, please let us know!

One last thing! If you have not done so already, please be sure to join our private FB group at and set the notifications of the group to ALL POSTS. Don't worry, we average about 5 posts per week so you won't be inundated. The reason why I recommend it is that there are great articles and resources posted there during the week from students and some of our coaches, including Nutrition, Mental health and soon to be Physical Therapy!

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