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New Model Overview: services, Prices, protocols

Hey everyone!! I hope all is well!! PLEASE READ BELOW FIRST!

Then watch the video above to get full details. (Skip to about the 14 minute mark if you just want to hear about new pricing) You can also watch in 1.5x or 2x to speed it up.

Alright everyone... so this is it.

5 months of trying to figure out how a couple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools are going to survive a pandemic while still trying to serve our members as best as possible.

I have revamped our services, our website, our membership packages.... pretty much everything... and we're adding so much more come the fall.
But the one thing that remains the same... we're still in the business of building people up. We just happen to now have additional ways we can do it....
Here is our new website...
and below is part of the new huge campaign we are doing for the rest of 2020.
Here's what this means for you.
  1. As a thank you, I am giving active members the option to get our promotional rate for Sept - December of 2020. Unless you were a Schaffer OG or are Law Enforcement, this rate is probably going to be better than what you are paying now. This rate will be a 4-month term... basically for the rest of year. good riddance  to 2020 :)
  2. We will be capping our membership by Labor Day to ensure that we have the capacity to serve our paying members in a very safe and comfortable environment.
  3. Until then, we will be pushing this new campaign and offering these amazing new rates to any of your friends and families. We NEED YOUR HELP in sharing our website and our promotion. We will gladly be handing out $100 credits for any membership you refer to us. If you have a friend that wants to sign-up... give us their name so we can credit you. This might come in handy for partners for your kids or you during class as you will know and trust these local families that have been living in your "bubble."
  4. If you are currently frozen, this is your chance to reactivate your account, get a better rate and get back into the swing of things. To note, we now have "Remote Only" rates and "Hybrid Rates" so that you can pay a lower price point if you're still not ready to come back into the physical school.  New invoice would not be until September. It's worth checking out all the new remote services we are offering to adults and kids. 
  5. The Full Fall schedule will be released as we approach Labor Day... we will be adding back more BJJ classes and a slew of new fitness and wellness classes, personal training as well as enrichment programs for kids.
  6.  Email Coach Kris Sampson at if you want to unfreeze and/or take advantage of these new rates.
  7. Email coach Mike at if you want to enroll in the personal health coaching service

If you have any questions... please don't hesitate to reach out. As with everything else 2020... things are subject to fluctuate. 😂😂😂

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