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New Fitness and Wellness Program Launching...

Hello to all!  I hope you are doing as well as can be!  I am excited to announce the official launch of our new fitness and wellness program BarraFit!   

The BarraFit program fuses elements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self-Defense and Mixed Martial Arts into a dynamic whole body workout.

Build strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility and much more while you learn to defend yourself and have a fun time doing it!

Our workouts also utilize Myzone technology, which tracks and displays your heart-rate on a monitor so that you and our instructors have immediate bio-feedback to maximize your workouts as much as possible!

You can also join live remotely and access other workouts on-demand.

Choose from 4 different types of classes:

COMBAT - Fitness Kickboxing

PERFORMANCE - Self Defense and Bodyweight Training

FLEX - Mobility, Flexibility and Core Training

STRENGTH - Personal Training On-Demand (In-Person)

Any friend or family members can trial this as well as Me360: Hybrid Health Coaching all for only $1 per day for 3 weeks!  BarraFit is free for any current active student!

BarraFit joins me360 Hybrid Health Coaching ( as brand-new programs that give our instructors, students and family members the environment and resources to truly live their best lives.  

As numbers continue to drop and vaccinations continue to rise, governor murphy has lifted all remaining % capacity limits for indoor martial arts and fitness facilities as of 5/19/2021.  As a result, we will be moving full steam ahead back into our full schedules pre-covid.   We will still take temps at the door and require masks in the facility when OFF the mats.

With that comes the announcement of our summer schedule starting on June 1st with the official launch of both our barrafit program and our me360 program.   At that time, we will also lift the inter-school restrictions, which means students can once again attend classes at either school as much as they want.  

We are currently finalizing the schedule, so please reach out to coach Mike (646-229-2182) or coach Kris at to schedule a time to learn more, to unfreeze your account or to let us know if you want to refer anyone to try it out.     Final Schedule will be released by Memorial Day Weekend.

Be well and talk soon!!

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