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Moving back to a more steady schedule 1/18

I hope everyone is doing as well as can be. As we progress past the holidays and our modified, temporary schedules, I want to set our 2021 Winter Schedule for both locations. A few quick notes... please read the schedules carefully for each location:

  • We will continue to utilize the pod and buddy system, but the designated private pod training times are over.  We are now resuming our regularly scheduled classes. (below)
  • We are reopening our dressing rooms for use.  Masks must continue to be worn at all times in the academy unless you are on the mats in your designated space.
  • You must continue to coordinate with your pod so that you have someone to train with for each class.
  • Some classes have moved days... some have been added back and some have been removed... please pay close attention.  
  • All classes can be attended in person again.
  • The schedules are also updated on our website under the "contact us" page
  • Classes will continue to be live streamed on their respective days
    • 4pm Kids Gym (Mondays and Wednesdays)
    • 5pm Kids BJJ (Monday through Thursday)
    • 6pm Kickboxing (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
    • 7pm Adult BJJ (Monday through Thursday)
    • 10am Family Jiu Jitsu (Saturdays)
    • Personal Training on Demand (Mon, Wed and Fri between 6am and 9am- must coordinate)

GB Princeton Schedule

GB North Princeton Schedule

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