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Modified Hybrid Schedule at GB Princeton for week of 1/10/22

Hello to all!  I hope you are doing as well as possible.  We have to move to a modified schedule this week due to a major staff shortage from Covid.  Coach John tested positive over the weekend and Professor Turtle woke up this mornig with a fever.  We have reached out to those that were in close contact with them.  Additionally, I was exposed in this process and cannot teach classes.  As a result, we will be running a modified, Hybrid schedule at GB Princeton.  Please read below...

All in-person classes at GB Princeton will be canceled at least through Thursday, January 13th. (PLEASE READ TO THE END AS THERE ARE SOME OTHER IN-PERSON OPTIONS)

HOWEVER, the following options are available for the following students:

KIDS:   We will have virtual sessions Monday through Thursday at 5pm:  I will be running those sessions and they will be mostly "fun and games."  Throughout the week, we'll get some physical activity in, play some trivia, do show and tell, have some home scavenger hunts and discuss the topic of the week.   You can join those virtual sessions here:


Any Kid can go to North Princeton this week to take classes.  North Princeton actually has a new schedule starting today, It is listed below.  (if you have any questions about the schedule, please let me know

ADULTS:  We will run Positional Training and Open Mat at 7pm every night Monday through Thursday at 7pm.  We will not be running any virtual classes.  


Any Adult can go take classes at North Princeton this week.  The schedule is listed below.  If you have any questions about it, please do not hesitate to ask. 

I apologize for this inconveniece.  Both coaches are doing fine with mild cases and will be back by next week.  We will return to our regular schedule on monday.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility.


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