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***** BJJ Reading and Kids interactive home course

powered by Matakas BJJ

Hello to all! I just had an AMAZING conversation with our friend and fellow school owner, Professor Chris Matakas. Professor Mataksa is a student of Professor Ricardo Almeida and a long-time teammate of Professor Turtle, coach Wojtek, coach John Wilpert and myself. He is also an amazing author, having written some great books on Jiu-Jitsu, both for kids and adults. He has taken those books and turned them into some fantastic home-learning platforms. Best of all, he has given the students of GB Princeton FREE ACCESS to it all!

Here are the instructions.

Go to: and create a free account.

The first two courses ("5 rules for white belts" and "On-Jiu-Jitsu") are adult courses. READ THE BOOK FIRST, then go through the course lessons/videos.

The Third course is for Parents and Kids. This one you can read along each lesson.

Once you've finished and taken a screen shot of the end screen or certificate, send, post it on your FB or IG and tag me (coach Mike) and the academy. Also, please give me a heads up. I will have a special gift for you! (it rhymes with "Shree Firt")

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