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***** Most recent update/important information

Member update 3/30/2020

Hello to all! When convenient for you, please watch the video above that explains our updates for this week. The biggest update is the implementation of our new point system which rewards you with a tuition reduction the more you connect with us in our live and interactive classes or through various other ways. To read up on the full system and how you can earn up to a $40 tuition reduction each month, please click here:

Additionally, this week we're going to continue to talk about the importance of finding some kind of routine and rhythm. I strongly encourage you to try to use our live class schedule as a way to keep some kind of rhythm when it comes to the recommended amount of exercise and connection. Yes, please continue to go for walks and get outside, it's SUPER important, but the benefits of regular exercise each week has MASSIVE physical and mental health benefits for us... ESPECIALLY during this prolonged state of isolation. If you can't make the live classes, we record each class for use during the week as well... get it done on YOUR time if you have to. There are also MANY other resources in our virtual academy. To access them all, click here:

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out. Let's continue to help and support one another through these ever-changing and difficult times. This is what true brotherhood and sisterhood is about!

Step out of your comfort zone with us (again) and you will feel great after each class, I promise!!

Hello to all! This post is where I will always save our most important and most up to date communications regarding the school. Thanks!

update for 3/24/2020

Hello to all! Ok, so I've gotten almost everything updated. As you will see, we have an updated schedule, which I texted you. It's also listed in our members only sections. Speaking of which... there are recurring posts that are SUPER important. all of these have 5 stars next them like this *****

These posts will stay at the top of the feed and I will update them each week. Additionally, I created an account with link tree. Use and bookmark this URL in your phone and/or computers to quickly access ALL of our stuff!

It's very easy to use and it takes you directly to those resources and pages. I would make it your central access point to all things GB.

Next week we will be adding a point system to all the ways you can engage and connect with the school. At the end of each week, whoever has the most points will win some serious SWAG (free gear, tuition, you name it!)

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO at the top of the page TO THE END, I EXPLAIN IT ALL. From there, click on that linktree link (here it is again ) to access everything you need. as always, reach out to me if you have questions, thanks!

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