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***** Most recent update/important information

Member update 5/23/2020

I'm hoping that you are all doing as well as possible. I wanted to give you updates as we continue to adapt to these changing times.

1) New schedule with new classes and new programs: As you will see above, we have updated our schedule to add some new classes like STRENGTH TRAINING, KETTLEBELL TRAINING AND HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING. This schedule begins TUESDAY, MAY 26th. NO CLASSES ON SUNDAY (5/24) OR MONDAY (5/25). If you want equipment to participate, please email me at

2) Me360: Hybrid Wellness and Coaching: If you or someone you know is having a tough time right now, check out our new me360 program. We combine Mental Health, Physical Health and Social Health into one blended coaching platform that provides structure, guidance and the support needed to get your groove back. This program is run by certified and licensed professionals (Mental Health Counselor, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist and Accountability Coach). To learn more and jump in on the beta program, go to

3) Group Activity (Walk along the Pennington Lawrenceville Trail): Now that Governor Murphy has increased outdoor gatherings up to 25 people, we thought it would be an awesome idea to get together and go for a walk!! Please click here to RSVP -

We will meet at GB Princeton. If we have more than 25 people, we will split the groups up and stagger by 10 minutes. PLEASE BRING YOUR MASK.

4) Student Promotions: We've been keeping attendance of everyone who has been attending class and we are excited to promote those that have been putting in the work! Coach Wojtek and Professor Turtle will be reaching out to you shortly to arrange a time to come to your home outside (or a designated spot) and give out your promotion. We have put together safety protocols and will share them with you over the phone. We have some alternative solutions should you not feel comfortable with the protocols we present.

5) Phase 1 of re-opening the School: As some of you may heard, governor Murphy commented that it should only be a matter of weeks before he allows gyms to re-open. We have formed a task force made-up of coaches and program directors to modify the framework I presented in my last update to fit the guidelines put forth by the state. As I hope you know by now... safety is and will continue to be our #1 priority. We will continue to conduct online classes for the foreseeable future so that every student's needs can be met at their appropriate comfort levels. On top of these non-contact classes, we will continue to add synergistic non-contact exercise-based classes and community services to the schedule. I anticipate re-opening will be sometime in mid to late June.


member Update 5/5/2020

Hello to all! First and foremost, I hope that you and your loved ones are doing as well as possible. This period of time will undoubtedly go down as one of the most challenging in our collective lives. In speaking with many of you, It's been a wide range of physical, financial, social and emotional pain. It hurts to hear, see and read what is going on. I have also gone through some of these pains personally... my wife, who works at a sub-acute hospital/nursing facility (and also happens to be immuno-comprimised) contracted COVID-19 about a month ago. We were fortunate enough that while she was bedridden for almost 2 weeks, she did not suffer any life threatening symptoms. She has since fully recovered, been cleared and is back to work!

Below are all the updates that I would like to share with you:

  1. New personal coaching program for adults (free for current adult students or parents of kid students)  called me360 - mental health, pain management, nutrition, personal training and leadership
  2. New Classes for Kids and Adults (Kids "Game-Time" /  Kids "Talent Show" / Adult Trivia Night / Adult Kettlebells, Strength Training, HIIT, and more
  3. Comprehensive Framework for opening school with in-person classes (subject to state orders)
  4. Miscellaneous updates

It's been 7 weeks since we transitioned to our Virtual Academy format. Since then, we have observed some trends and have been working on new programs, classes and resources to try and provide as much as we possibly can to our GB community. I have to say that we are BEYOND grateful for all of you that have continued to engage and support the school and the instructors. Because of you, we have been able to keep our doors open (virtually of course), keep our instructors employed and continue to provide these services. Your continued support is critical, so THANK YOU!

1) Me360 Program:

What I observed over this period of time is that most of us are in survival mode right now. The last thing we're thinking about is exercising regularly, addressing that cranky low back or eating "healthy"... and that's TOTALLY okay!

Our virtual academy is only a few feet away, but for multiple reasons, exercising and connecting has never been as hard as it is right now, and that's okay too. We have to give ourselves the space and time to cope with what's going on... and every single one of us will manage this differently.

At some point though, we have to get back to some kind of rhythm. Why? because exercise, connecting with others, fueling our bodies and taking care of our mental health is what's going to help dig us out of this mess. And the longer we go without addressing it, the deeper the hole will get.

I believe we heal not through isolation, but through community...

So here's what we've been building... I'd like to get your feedback:


We have created a hybrid wellness and coaching program that blends mental health, fitness, nutrition, musculoskeletal health and leadership coaching into one platform.


You not only have your own accountability and support coach (me) but you will have licensed and certified professionals from each of those areas (Mental Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Musculoskeletal Health and Leadership) coaching and supporting you to gain some kind of rhythm back.

Check out the site below, It's free and open to any adult (student or parent of student) the beta program will start on May 18th. Here is the site to learn more and register for the program

Here are the cliff-notes:

1) You and I will do a deep dive, come up with a comprehensive plan, and then I will be checking in with you weekly to give support, guidance and the occasional "rah-rah" speech.

2) You'll have access to the virtual academy and a range of live and interactive online classes like Kickboxing, Kettlebells, Yoga, Strength Training, HIIT, Bodyweight Performance and of course, Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense

3) On top of that, we'll have regular workshops, live Q&A's and other resources from our team of specialists.

4) At any point, if we collectively feel that it might be good for you to get some dedicated, private 1 on 1 time with one of our specialists, then we'll take that step.

5) We'll have regular meetings as we progress to strategize and call any audibles needed to keep the ball rolling.

If you're interested in being a part of our BETA program, please take a look at the webpage and register for a meeting with me.

2) New Classes for Kids and Adults:

We understand the importance of balancing learning, structure and fun when working with your children on the mats. That being said, it is absolutely true that our virtual academy is quite simply a different experience than what we do in person. That being said, we've tried to tweak our classes to meet the demands of teaching through this medium. If our kids are not having some fun while taking class these days, it can be pretty difficult to get them to keep logging on to join the coaches. So as a result, we're adding a few additional classes that are driven purely as fun and games. When we release our new schedule starting the week of May 18th, we will also have a few new classes, one called "Game-time" as well as a kids "Talent Show."

We are also adding quite a few new classes for adults. We will start running a Kettle-Bell class, a Strength Training Class and a Bootcamp class (High Intensity Interval Training) for any current student or family member. Obviously there will be some equipment required and I will follow-up shortly with links to these items. Most will be very minor purchases like mini elastic-bands, etc. and even for the kettle-bell class there are some alternatives. We will also be running a Trivia Night for adults! This will be another fun and unique way to connect with each other.

I will release this new schedule next week with it going into effect the week of the 18th.

3) Framework for re-opening the school and conducting in-person classes (Non-contact)

We have been working with Gracie Barra global on a framework and strategy to re-open our physical locations when the time is appropriate. The Safety of our students, our coaches and your families have been and will continue to be the guiding principle during this pandemic. You can click below to read through the full framework. Our specific locations will work off of this plan as well as guidance from our state, local and federal authorities. Furthermore, your opinion on this subject matters. Just like every community, ours has a wide range of view-points and perspectives. I would love to hear any thoughts or ideas you may have. With that said, once we re-open our physical locations, we will operate and continue to operate in a hybrid strategy, providing both in-person classes, as well as virtual/online classes for the foreseeable future so that wherever your comfort level is, we will have something fo. Furthermore, it is worth noting, that we will most likely not be able to teach any "contact" classes once we re-open. The plan outlines what non-contact classes will potentially look like.

To read the framework, you can click here. I want to repeat and clarify, we do not know when we will be able to re-open the physical school specifically, but once we do, I will send out a very detailed structure and look for your feedback. x COVID-19 Exit Strategy_SafetyFirst_Always_V1.5.pdf?id=227453

4) Miscellaneous Updates

A couple quick final notes... a) We have tallied your numbers for the past 4 week attendance and will be applying those discounts to your member accounts imminently. If you've already had your billing for May, if you're ok with it, we will simply apply the discount for June. b) If you have frozen your account for whatever reason and are looking to unfreeze and take advantage of some of these new services, please reach out to coach Kris at

Member update 3/30/2020

Hello to all! When convenient for you, please watch the video above that explains our updates for this week. The biggest update is the implementation of our new point system which rewards you with a tuition reduction the more you connect with us in our live and interactive classes or through various other ways. To read up on the full system and how you can earn up to a $40 tuition reduction each month, please click here:

Additionally, this week we're going to continue to talk about the importance of finding some kind of routine and rhythm. I strongly encourage you to try to use our live class schedule as a way to keep some kind of rhythm when it comes to the recommended amount of exercise and connection. Yes, please continue to go for walks and get outside, it's SUPER important, but the benefits of regular exercise each week has MASSIVE physical and mental health benefits for us... ESPECIALLY during this prolonged state of isolation. If you can't make the live classes, we record each class for use during the week as well... get it done on YOUR time if you have to. There are also MANY other resources in our virtual academy. To access them all, click here:

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out. Let's continue to help and support one another through these ever-changing and difficult times. This is what true brotherhood and sisterhood is about!

Step out of your comfort zone with us (again) and you will feel great after each class, I promise!!

Hello to all! This post is where I will always save our most important and most up to date communications regarding the school. Thanks!

update for 3/24/2020

Hello to all! Ok, so I've gotten almost everything updated. As you will see, we have an updated schedule, which I texted you. It's also listed in our members only sections. Speaking of which... there are recurring posts that are SUPER important. all of these have 5 stars next them like this *****

These posts will stay at the top of the feed and I will update them each week. Additionally, I created an account with link tree. Use and bookmark this URL in your phone and/or computers to quickly access ALL of our stuff!

It's very easy to use and it takes you directly to those resources and pages. I would make it your central access point to all things GB.

Next week we will be adding a point system to all the ways you can engage and connect with the school. At the end of each week, whoever has the most points will win some serious SWAG (free gear, tuition, you name it!)

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO at the top of the page TO THE END, I EXPLAIN IT ALL. From there, click on that linktree link (here it is again ) to access everything you need. as always, reach out to me if you have questions, thanks!

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