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Important Virtual Academy update 3/21/2020


Hello to all!!

Most important thing first... How are you and your family doing? If there is anything I (or Professor Turtle or coach Wojtek) can do to help, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You should have our cell phones, but if you don't, they are (Mike - 646-229-2182) (Turtle - 609-203-6565) (Wojtek - 609-500-9816)

Second... some updates.

Our first week of the virtual academy was pretty amazing. The power of connection is profound.. even if it's through a screen. It brought so much joy to the team to see so many of you doing these classes and exercise programs with us. PLEASE keep showing up. I think part of what makes this is cool is that we can continue to keep some kind of schedule, accountability and regularly exercise and connect with others... it's so incredibly important, ESPECIALLY during these times. For those that have no tried it yet or don't think it's for you, I humbly ask that you give it a shot or ask those that have done it already. Truth be told, we are still a young and growing school... and at great financial risk during this time. We're doing everything humanly possible to continue to bring you ways to learn jiu-jitsu, get great workouts and connect with others. If you've enjoyed coming to our academies or watching your children on our mats, we ask that you consider keeping your membership active with us at this point. While you have no obligation to do so, your continued membership through this time is GREATLY appreciated. If you've lost your job in the past week or so, we do not want to be a financial burden on you, but please let us know, maybe there is something we can do to help. Remember, if you have not done so already, be sure to join our private FB group at

So all that being said, here's what I'd like to share

a) During this period of time, as a token of our appreciation, any of your family members can now use your membership. I say this because we've not only added fitness and yoga classes, but we're now adding more for the whole family! More of that below. Plus, we strongly encourage you to have them take classes with you!

b) Also, as part of that Thank you, Gracie Barra global is giving you free access to GB online, where you will have the full curriculum for GB1, GB2 and more! You can watch these video and practice, drill on your own time at your own speed. Additionally, they will be running live-streaming classes with some of the most accomplished Jiu-Jitus champions/instructors in the world like Braulio Estima, Draculino, Flavio Almeida and more! If you want to take advantage of this, sign-up for an online account and text me, I will send you a coupon code that gives you free access. go here to sign-up:

c) Here are the 3 features of the Virtual Academy that hopefully fit your situation.

1) Real-time Interactive Classes using "Gotomeeting"

We've been running these classes for the past week and it's been really awesome. It seems to be going well with just a few minor glitches and learning curve. If you want to join us, first things first is to download the app for either your Desktop/Laptop or mobile device. I will send out a brand new schedule for the week of 3/23/2020 by sunday evening and instructions again on how to join. We will have not only Jiu-Jitsu, but general fitness/performance, yoga, kickboxing, wrestling, social-emotional learning as well as non-denominational group discussions led by the reverend Dave Hallgren... just a space for us to talk and connect (and vent if you need to)

If you need puzzle-piece mats, boxing gloves, pads, jump ropes or resistance bands, I will be at North Princeton today (saturday 3/21) from 1pm to 2pm. North Princeton has gloves, pads, jump rope, and mats.... so stop by if you need anything! While I will disinfect everything, it is important you also disinfect when you bring it home.

I will be at Gb Princeton today from 3pm to 4pm. Princeton will have some mats, gloves, pads and resistance bands.

2) On-Demand Home Exercise and Corrective Exercise Programs powered by ACTIVCORE

I understand that maybe the live classes won't line up with your schedule or you're not interested. So we've partnered with Activcore Physical Therapy and Performance to deliver home programming that you can customize to your schedule! Not only will you have workout routines you can do from home and split out (like upper body one day, lower body another day, core, etc.) Activcore will be providing self-screening tools and corrective exercises/stretches you can work on so that you can take this time to address any musculoskeletal issues and get in the best physical shape you can!

3) Weekly Challenges and Assignments

What's an academy without a little friendly competition and challenge?! Each week we'll be putting out a little weekly challenge that you can do on your own. This will include something physical that you can do indoors or outdoors. In order to gain credit, you will have to post to our private facebook page, post on your personal IG or FB page and tag us or send me a text (if you have neither). Each completed challenge will earn you points that go towards tuition and discounts on GB apparel!

Additionally, we will have a modified version of our perk system. So every class you attend will earn you points towards tuition, apparel and other items! Don't forget that your attendance also counts towards your belt promotions!

If you need ANYTHING, please reach out. Unfortunately we had to cancel our group outdoor activity.

I will be sending another large update tomorrow with the new schedule, instructions to connect, home challenges and much more! Please remember to listen to federal, state and local authorities and practice social distancing. Talk soon!!

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