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Coronavirus update: virtual academy

Hello to all!

Please watch the video above.

Yesterday, I enacted a plan of action that would enable us to move to a blended learning program, where we would still allow for in-person classes, but also allow for live-streaming of said classes so that those who would want to implement some level of social distancing could still engage with the school, our instructors and still learn jiu-jitsu, get a good workout in and continue to build character.

As I said yesterday, this is unprecedented territory and an evolving situation. After carefully reviewing all reliable information out there and understanding the very critical period of time we are in today, I think it is important that we cooperate with the notion of social distancing, simply out of an abundance of caution.

So that being said, we are going straight to our virtual academy on Monday, March 16th and effective immediately we are canceling all in-person classes for the next 10 days. I explain the reasons for this in the video, but the bottom-line is we still know so little about who is infected and who is not, so let's do our part to be responsible. It is also not exactly known for how long the virus lives on surfaces and in the air as well as the incubation period. Right now, it seems like it can be transferred pretty easily.

This is temporary folks... and I cannot express the level of gratitude I have for you sticking with us during this time. I promise to do everything I can to bring as much as I can to you remotely for the next few weeks. It's still very important that we find ways to move around, exercise and connect with others... ESPECIALLY during this time of isolation... I hope this platform helps you.

I am also planning on setting up some hiking or walks along some of the trails we have locally. Going for a walk in nature in small groups should be perfectly fine... We'll just keep a little buffer zone for the time being :)

I will be sending a text with updates, but here is what to do:

go to to download the software for your desktop or download the app on your mobile device. I believe the link to our classroom is:

I will confirm this once we've fully tested everything and prepare for Monday, but you will have the ability for us to see you... or not see you, depending on your level of comfort.
Find a location in your home that gives you some space to move around. I think a 5x5 space (~25 square feet) would be the minimum. Ideally, it's carpeted. If not, I would consider purchasing puzzle piece mats online or at a retail store. I know 5 below sells them super cheap.
For parents, I would highly encourage you to take the class with your child, this enables you to be their training partner... if you can't, that's ok, we will have solo drills and exercises for them to do. The same goes for Adults!!

Stay tuned for more detailed information over the weekend!!

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