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April Highlights and May Updates

Here are a few highlights from the month of April


1) New Monthly Referral Program

2) Your GB Story

3) GB Summer Camp Early Bird

4) 21-Day Grit Challenge (Nutrition/Exercise/Healthy Habits)

5) Commander Tips

6) Women's Self Defense Techniques 

7) Promotions Gallery

1) New Monthly Referral Program

We are excited to announce that every single month we will now be giving away a prize for our Academy Ambassadors!  Here's how it works:

All you have to do is share our referral program link (here: ) on your social media pages  and use the tag #GBNJ22 and you're automatically entered into that month's drawing for a prize.  Additionally, you can always just text that link to any friend and if they show up to their trial class, you are automatically entered into the drawing.  On top of that, for any friend that enrolls, you get a $50 credit towards GB wear or your tuition!  May's Prize will be a pair of V2 shorts (or spats) and a V2 rashguard of your choosing!  

2) Your GB Story

We've heard so many amazing stories in person over the past few years from our students and parents, but we've never really captured much via video or text.  If you're willing to do so, we'd LOVE to hear a brief snippet from you as to why and how Gracie Barra has become an important part of your life (or your child's life). 

link for your GB STORY:


3) GB Summer Camp Early Bird

Our early bird special is ending this coming Monday May 1st, so jump on that registration a quickly as possible.  You have a 100% refund up to 30 days before the start of camp so you can cancel at anytime up until about mid-June.  You can register here:

 4)  me360 21-Day Grit Challenge:

We are running another 21-day Grit challenge for all students and family members.  Here is a breakdown of what's in the program.  Normal Price is $299, but we are giving it to GB Students and Family Members for $199.  The deadline to get in is Friday May 6th.  To book a time with me to learn more and register, go to


5)  Commander Tips

The Professors got together and had a great chat about how to inspire your child to stick with jiu jitsu when they want to quit.  


 They also discussed how they appreciate their parents for not letting them quit, even when it got tough.  


6)  Womens Self Defense Techniques:

We also shared some great Women's Self Defense techniques on our social media pages. 




7) Promotions this month

Congrats to everyone who leveled up!




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