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***** Activcore Home Workouts

Can be done on your own time

Hello to all! Here are 8 weeks of home workouts designed and delivered by Dr. Adrienne Jensen and Activcore Physical Therapy and Performance. You can do this on your own time. They are great workouts that build in a dynamic warm-up, mobility work, and good strength, conditioning and coordination exercises... the fundamentals for any athlete of any age level!


Take a look at the program, watch the videos for proper technique and modifications if needed, and enjoy!


If you have any questions, or are feeling pain while going through some of these movements, you can contact Dr. Adrienne through our Private Facebook Group, through her FB page: or through her IG at: @dptadriennej

Workout for week of 5/11

Workout for week of 5/4

Workout for week of 4/27

Workout for week of 4/20

workout for week of 4/13

Workout for week of 4/6

Workout for week of 3/30

Workout for week of 3/23

Workout of the Week Exercises and Modifications

(Dynamic Warm-up and Round 1)

Workout of the week exercises and modifications

(Round 2)

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